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Hermes Martinez was born in 1982 in Thessaloniki, Greece. Tech, Tribal, Techno & Afro House are the music genres that he plays mostly at his events. From 1998 until now he is been working as a DJ collaborating with various well known nightclubs at his home city as well as playing in various events around Greece and Europe, as a guest DJ. Also hosted a rather successful radio show in a local radio station at the start of his career, getting the opportunity to gather the attention of a large number of fans as well as major sponsors for it. This important first step ultimately led him to host his show, on national radio. His studies includes sound engineering, music technology, music production, graphics and web development. From August 2010 started to cooperate with local djs, producers, remixers, recording studios, photographers, art designers and start updating his profile. His first dj tour started in 2011 named "After Hours" with appearances mostly in Greece & Europe. 2013 was the right time to move and live in Athens. Cooperation with local bars and clubs already have started. The story continues with a lot of house dj events, parties and guests and the beginning of his music productions. In 2014 started his cooperation with "Athene Noctua" a team with Tolis Koutras and Nicolo, two djs and producers who organize house music events in Athens. Also a new contribution with Anthony Poteat, a great house vocalist, gave Hermes the opportunity to make his second original mix track named "Keep On Movin' ". The track with Anthony's vocals will be released in 2020. At this time Hermes came back where he belongs into his birthplace to continue the hard work preparing his first album called “Finally” that will include “Into Deep” a progressive original track that already released under BeatBlock Records as an EP with 3 Remixes by Fabio Orru, Experimental Feelings and Michael Berklin. The first attempt in remix production was with the  Tribal house remix  from the original track "At Night" by Shakedown as a gift for his fans in Thessaloniki including also a video clip showing the nightlife between Thessaloniki and Athens. Finally, in 2019 after a scholarship that came up, Hermes traveled to United States to finish his studies in music at Berklee College of music in Boston.  After studies, seminars and local tour in New York & New Haven, Connecticut, 2020 moved back in Thessaloniki targeting the "Finally" album.

Tour & Venues So far...

Senza Underground | Athens

Pop Up | Athens

Gazaki Loft | Athens

Fou Club | Athens

Yoo Loft | Athens

Partners Le Bar | Athens

Butler (Mamacas) | Athens

Minimal | Athens

Like Radio Events | Athens

Do It | Varkiza | Athens

Yachting | Athens

Elegantes | Barcelona

Private Sessions | Ibiza

Mind Bar Rooftop | Kozani

Reflections | Corfu

Big Bar | Thessaloniki

Decadence | Thessaloniki

Blue Bay | Ftiotida

Dada Club | Thessaloniki

Cockatlan | Ftiotida

Enola Club | Thessaloniki

Private Sessions | Mykonos

RTD | Thessaloniki

Rebel Lounge | Porto Heli

Private Sessions | Milan

UBar | Milan

Das Club | Brussels

Rooftop Private Sessions | New York - NY

Yale University | New Haven - CT

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